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The studio offers a choice of analogue and/or digital multitrack recording, with various PC based programs for simultaneous input recording, midi sequencing and mastering. The control room is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of seating positioned behind the engineer's work space.

There are four recording areas, two have flexible acoustic options from lively, to almost dead, by the use of baffles & screens, the third is a vocal isolation booth. The fourth being the gallery behind the engineer's work space. This means 'live' recordings can achieve excellent separation and audio quality, even at high backline volumes.

Equipment List:
Soundcraft Ghost 32 channel analogue mixer, with midi-mute automation. Tascam MSR24 analogue 24-track machine on 1" tape with DolbyS. PC-based digital multitrack with Pro Tools 9, Adobe Audition, Waves Platinum, Antares Autotune, GTR amp simulator, via 3x M-Audio Delta 10-10 cards for 24 analogue ins/outs.

TL Audio Ivory C5021 valve compressor, TL Audio Indigo C2021 Valve Compressor, Yamaha SPX900, Yamaha SPX50D, Lexicon MPX100, Digitech Time Machine 7.6, Alesis Nanoverb 2, Drawmer DS404 Quad Gate, 2x Drawmer LX20 Dual Compressors, Sony D7 Delay, Boss SX-700 Multi FX, Akai S2000, E-MU Proteus 2000, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Carillon Control 61.

2-Track Machines:
Otari MTR-10 1/4", Revox A77 1/4", Zoom H4n (4-channel),Tascam DA20 DAT Mk2 DAT, Sharp MD701 Minidisc, Sharp Optonica turntable, Philips CDR 870 CD writer, Marantz CD-42 CD, Denon DRM-740 cassette, Yamaha KX-490 cassette.

SE Gemini Mk2, Rode K2, Rode NT2, 2x Rode NTG-2, 2x AKG C1000s, 2x AKG D112, 4x AKG C418, 3x AKG D40, AKG C430, Beyer M69N, 2x Beyer M300, Beyer Opus 88, 4x Shure SM58, 3x Shure SM57.

8x Beyer DT100, AKG K240.

Tannoy System 10, Yamaha HS50-M

Mixing Desk at Voltage Studios Recording Room one at Voltage Studios Recording Room one at Voltage Studios